Everything you need for your commercial drone business

Supercharge your small drone business with Candoo Manager. We help you take care of your clients, equipment, flights, certifications, and more!

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More than just drones

Go beyond managing aircrafts, airspace, and regulations. Grow your business by taking care of your clients too. While you’re at it, don’t just think about mobile apps; your drone business takes you outdoors and in, so let our platform follow you on any device.

All the tools you need

Follow our step-by-step flight planning tool that takes you through the lifecycle of a commercial flight – customers, flying, communications, and data. Manage operations by viewing flights in close proximity across geography or time.

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$30 a month, or $24 a month paid annually

Save yourself time and frustration from things like insurance, invoicing, incidents, and more. A simple subscription will do the trick.

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Our Team

Liz Ferarri
Liz FerarriCEO, Co-founder
A cultivated leader, educator and live performer, Liz prides herself with resolving the viscera of business.
Michael Xu
Michael XuCTO, Co-founder
A techie who went from statistics and actuarial work to machine learning and artificial intelligence, and finally fullstack web development.

Our Story

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